Lucy Moments


It is hard to believe that our little Lucy (Miss Pink Collar) and the rest of her littermates are already five months old. Seems like yesterday that we were cuddling and bonding with everyone in the whelping box. With Lucy it seems that every fifteen minutes if not every five, brings a new adventure. She is constantly under my feet or trying to get involved in my daily chores. So I thought it would be interesting to share some of our recent adventures…


  • The Aquarium: We’ve had a fresh water fish tank for over twenty years. For the last five or so, our red tailed shark has gotten very big, and instead of being just pretty, he has gotten very hungry. Everything I have tried to add from guppies to larger fish has disappeared overnight, probably into his gullet. Not having the heart to toss him, I decided to take a ride. Half a tank of gas later, the owner of a specialty tropical fish store heard my story and brought me to a tank way in the back. Inside was a big red cichlid. Called a devil fish by some, it hails from South Africa. Five inches long, it has the reputation to become the boss of any tank. Inside the same tank were a number of black and white striped fish about four inches long. Called appropriately (I kid you not), “convict” cichlids, these beauties come from Central America. Feeling like I just bought Tony Soprano and his henchmen, I brought the gang home and added them to the neighborhood. Lucy sat in front of the tank and watched their movements fascinated. Overnight the fish count was the same as in the morning, so we are off to a good start. But I wouldn’t call it Mr. Roger’s neighborhood anymore.


  • These days, we (the girls and I) are up early and out front watering the flowers. Solo and Lucy compete for who can get the paper first when it is tossed at the end of our driveway.Then it is a tug of war to see who can claim possession. If I don’t intervene quickly, the paper becomes just another piece of fiber in their omniverous diets.


  • And then there are my poor flowers. Despite double fences, Lucy manages to squeeze into the beds and cause mayhem. She even likes chewing on Alliums which are members of the onion family. Hopefully in another month, she won’t fit through the fences.The only evidence of her having passed through (unless I catch her red handed), is the missing flower hole or the stick like flowers stripped of all their leaves.



  • The pool: The cover is off and that is about the only good thing we can say about that at the moment. The smell and the color of the water are nothing that would entice anyone for an early morning swim. Even the big dogs have not gone near it. Lucy however apparently fell in when no one was watching. Next thing Barb knew was that she came racing in soaking wet. And not smelling like a rose by any means. Looking back it seems that all our pups have fallen in and gotten baptized. I remember almost jumping in after Solo when she missed her step. Of course she did fine. These are water dogs after all.


      Notice how Lucy appears wet in several of the photos above while her family members are dry. A water bug to be for sure!