The Tale of the Tails


Daily adventures continue in small doses while we await Riley’s heat and the excitement of breeding and puppies. The weather still delivers lots of rain and puddles and mud that we encounter on our runs. Even when it hasn’t rained, the heavy dew leaves enough condensation on the spring grass to make for very wet dogs.


Goldens wear their tails like flags. You can judge their moods and physical condition by the height and curl and thickness of their tails. Our Emma is still recovering from the enormous demands of having nine puppies and then nourishing them for four weeks plus. She is acting normally, but her poor tail is rather pathetic waving about in comparison to her other family members.

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Golden coats are thick and waterproof as you have seen from the prior recent blogs. They make ideal magnets though for every kind of branch, stick, bug, burr, poison ivy, tick, and even earthworms that they happen to brush against or roll on during their runs in the woods and fields.

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You never know what you are going to find when you brush them afterwards, except when they are wearing their stuck on green camoflauge in an obvious place.