Saturday Adventures and Polyester Goldens

Today was a beautiful early Spring day here in New England. Balmy, daffodils in bloom, and a green appearance to the landscape that was refreshing after last weekend’s greys, and still gloomy mud season in Vermont. Got home from hospital call and the dogs were rearing to go. Went to our favorite fields at the local high school. Thought the water from the rains earlier in the week were gone but found out differently fast.


The dogs run in a pack a little ways ahead of me so they can really “run free”. The advantage is that they get a lot of exercise, but the disadvantage is that sometimes this leaves me late in arriving at their latest group decision.

MudHoles6.jpg MudHoles7.jpgMudHoles8_1.jpg

They have their favorite spots where they know the water is the last to dry up. Full family participation seems to be required.
MudHoles9.jpg MudHoles10.jpgMudHoles11.jpg

I have to admit I was a little disconcerted at the amount of dirt they managed to cover themselves with. And especially what my Barbara would say when we got home. (Click on the photos to enlarge if you want to see what a “two toned” golden looks like)

However, I know a secret that most people don’t know: Golden retrievers have drip and dry coats! So we found a puddle that had clean water and most of the mud fell off.


Then I let them run free on the fields sprinting after each other. That air dried most of their fur.

Sprinting1.jpg Sprinting2.jpg

Then it was a mile walk or so back to home, so they dried a little more…  (never mind the difficulty taking a steady photo walking five)

And voila! At home in the kitchen, after a quick toweling off, they had a community drink and looked darned respectable compared to an hour prior.

communitywater1.jpgcommunitywater2.jpg communitywater3.jpg

Then it was out to the backyard for some quiet time..

Backyardrest1.jpg Backyardrest2.jpgBackyardrest3jpg.jpg

Like human children, they seem to enjoy watching their parents work in the yard rather than participate! And I could almost hear them thinking… wonder when the pool cover will be coming off…