Mud Season and Growing Puppy Photos


Hello again! After a short timeout to recharge our batteries from Emma’s last litter, Barb and I were hit this past week with a bout of the flu. So we haven’t been up to a lot of photo taking or blog writing. Plus we are new puppy owners ourselves (Lucy: formerly Miss Pink), so that has added an extra dimension of work onto the usual chores.

However, we were able to get everyone out today for some exercise. My least favorite sub- season is this mudtime here in New England. The dirt and wet hair along with all those wet feet make house cleaning a chore that I imagine ranks right up there with mucking out horse stalls. All credit to my Barbara for keeping her sanity during these next few weeks.

Mud_Season3.25.07_00111.jpgMud_Season3.25.07_005111.jpg Mud_Season3.25.07_007111.jpg

We have been getting some great pictures from some of our new owners that we would like to share. No problems reported with any of the puppies in any way and so that leaves us beaming as proud grandparents.

IMG_1344_4x6.jpg IMG_1348.jpgIMG_1323.jpg





Thanks to all who have been sending us their photos. We wish everyone a quick end to this mud season that is upon us. And what better photo to end today’s blog than this one that sums up the blessings of a puppy’s life.


Thanks for the great photo Ken!