Family of Five

It has only been a week since our pups have gone, but there is a new routine developing here in dogville that is more comfortable for all since those first few days. The growls and barks over Lucy’s place in the pack have subsided, and along with it our worries over everyone getting along.

Eating is a short affair lasting just one to two minutes. The big dogs inhale theirs, while Lucy is a few moments behind in cleaning her bowl. I suppose this makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. In the wilds you never know if someone bigger or stronger will take your portion. Still it is amazing how fast they inhale everything we put out.

Familyoffive15.jpg FamilyFive4.jpg

Emma has begun teaching Lucy how to fight in a playful sense. Again from an evolutionary perspective this is a key to the pup’s survival in the wild. While the photos may look frightening, Emma is careful to use her neck more than her teeth, and she puts up with quite a bit of nipping from her daughter in return. Solo is always close by and doesn’t quite know if this is serious play or not. But you can see from the photo of her and Riley watching that the atmosphere is now calm and peaceful.

Familyoffive11.jpg Familyfive2.jpgFamilyFive1.jpg

Familyoffive12.jpg Familyoffive14.jpg

Lucy at times wants peace and quiet so she naps under the bed in the crate in the family room.

Familyoffive3.jpgFamilyoffive6.jpg Familyoffive9.jpg

However most of the time she wants to be in the thick of the excitement or at least watching from a comfortable vantage point.

Familyoffive4.jpg Familyoffive5.jpg

Like the rest of her littermates, she is one cute puppy!

Familyoffive1.jpg Familyoffive13.jpg