Temperament Testing Results


Today we all had a lot of fun. Sydney our mentor from Jamestown Rhode Island brought Maureen, Donna, and Karen to assess our puppies. Each puppy had about seven tasks to react to, and then was graded on bone structure and conformation to the golden standard. Almost 100 hundred years of golden breeding was present in our kitchen, and Barb and I realized we have so much to learn yet.

TemperamentTesting100_2.jpg TemperamentTesting104.jpgTemperamentTesting103.jpg


All the puppies scored well with no major deficiencies of any kind. It was obvious from the way the nine pups reacted to the various tests that although they are grossly uniform in their coloring and size, there are definitely personality differences when looked at closely. We were able to contact some of our potential puppy owners with their choices, and the rest will be called tomorrow. Barb started her day early with bathing and drying all the pups by herself, as I was still away on call. Everyone here in our household is very pooped tonight and we shall all retire early.

Many thanks again to Sydney, Maureen, Donna, and Karen for sharing their time and expertise with us on this Saturday afternoon.