A Parade of Visitors


Whew. What a weekend of activity we just had here in puppyville. I think the puppies are having withdrawal after all the people contact. They are expecting more hugs everyday, but now it’s just Barb and I until the weekend when the judges for the temperment testing come. I imagine all teachers and coaches can emphasize with us here. Every litter that you’re in the middle of seems special. With this being our first winter litter, there are a lot of firsts. Plus we never had the website before and the blog allows me to send information in a much more organized way to everyone. We also never had to work so hard at achieving a litter with all the special veterinary help we used. So this is a special group of pups.

Here is the parade of special visitors from this past weekend:

weekendvisitors1.jpg weekendvisitors10.jpgweekendvisitors16.jpg

weekendvisitors11.jpg weekendvisitors14.jpgweekendvisitors17.jpg


weekendvisitors5.jpg weekendvisitors26.jpgweekendvisitors12.jpg

weekendvisitors4.jpg weekendvisitors21.jpgweekendvisitors28.jpg

weekendvisitors15.jpg weekendvisitors3.jpgweekendvisitors6.jpg


Despite the increasing amount of work, I can feel already the withdrawal pangs of a litter too soon to leave. So we will live in the moment as our Abby taught us, and enjoy every day that we have left.