First Baths


Week six is underway here in dogville and everyone was up early. For the second time Miss Orange managed to climb over the whelping box walls and stir up all her siblings. We took the inner railing off after the first escape but somehow she managed to stretch herself over anyway. At 3:30 AM I heard everyone squeaking and Emma jumped off our bed to see what was up with her children. No harm done, just that everyone thought it was time to start the day.


We have a full schedule of visitors for this weekend with friends and new owners starting this afternoon. Everyone got fed, watered, and held. Then it was weigh in, pedicure clipping for all those growing nails, and then first baths. The biggest males are now close to or over eight pounds while the females are ranging from five and a half to seven pounds.

Week_SixUpdates201.jpg Week_SixUpdates202.jpg


This is our first winter litter so the pups haven’t gotten as dirty as when they are out in the grass and mud as with a summer litter. Still there is nothing quite as good smelling as a clean puppy, unless maybe a newborn baby! The pups did very well with this new experience, although they each quivered a bit with the hair drying. Afterwards everyone cuddled in a big fluffy pile and took a well deserved nap.

Week_SixUpdates206.jpg Week_SixUpdates208.jpgWeek_SixUpdates207.jpg

Then it was upstairs where I mentioned the word “walk” to the big dogs. You can see the chaos that gets ignited when I say that word. So then a few miles out in the very cold frosty morning and then back.
Week_SixUpdates209.jpg Week_SixUpdates210.jpg

Hard to believe all this happened here before 8 AM this morning!

Now all that’s left on my list is the lemonade, and chocolate chip cookies to make for our scheduled guests. And of course hopefully an unscheduled nap somewhere along the way.