Puppy Dreams

There are as many sleeping poses as there are pups. Instead of forming a big pile like weeks earlier, the individual pups still like to cuddle but on a smaller scale. Under the railing is a favorite spot as you have already seen. It is a riot to watch them as they occasionally twitch or squeak from some dream in their minds. Their world has just been limited to the box and patio so far so I don’t know how varied their inner thoughts are. When asleep they seem to be immune to the movements of their sibs and even if another pup climbs or drops onto them, they don’t budge.

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I had a colleague come visit from the hospital with her husband yesterday. They have been thinking of adding a dog to their family in the future. Despite having had several bad experiences with dogs when she was a child, I think the calm nature of the puppies won her over. She did however have to get through the greetings of the bigger dogs upstairs to get to the puppies. Everyone was well behaved and she left smiling.

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