Winter Finally Comes

A decent snowstorm finally arrived and the big dogs had a great time both during and after the snow fell. Their thick coats protect them against the blowing wind and frosty cold very well. The only issue is the ice balls that build up on their footpads. Quick work with their sharp teeth and we continued on our wintry walk.


WinterStorm6.jpg WinterStorm7.jpgWinterStorm8.jpg

Meanwhile back in the warmth of the whelping box, activity continues at a frenetic pace. The pups’ hearing is very good now, and as soon as they here footsteps on the stairs they are all lined up to greet us. They move together as a pack, or maybe a better description would be like youngsters playing their first year of soccer where like lemmings, all follow the leader.

IntotheBox2.jpg IntotheBox1.jpg

IntotheBox3.jpg IntotheBox5.jpg