Eating and Playing Week Five

All the pups are growing just fine, and are starting to look for adventures to satisfy their increasing energy and awake time. As you can see from the dinner table, they have healthy appetites and love the mixture of puppy kibble and canned dog food. In about five minutes both big bowls are empty.

Week_five_Updates1.jpg Week_five_Updates2.jpg

Then everyone rushes out to the patio area where playtime begins. So far the main activities are wrestling, pulling tails, showing teeth with a few hardly ferocious barks or growls, and playing with the paper lining the fenced in area.

Week_five_Updates10.jpg Week_five_Updates5.jpgWeek_five_Updates6.jpg

Week_five_Updates7.jpg Week_five_Updates8.jpgWeek_five_Updates9.jpg


Then it’s back to the box for a drink of water and a nap. All in all not a bad way to spend a day in dogville.

PS. Barbara wanted me to tell all our puppy owners to be, that everyone who wants to visit again can make appointments for next weekend.