Goldens Naps and Simple Living

In my mind, happiness is a quiet nap in the middle of the day with no timed start and no timed end. With our children now grown, it gets easier to accomplish this than in our prior more harried younger years. And the best companion is a golden or two or three curled up beside you. The softness of their fur, their easy rhythmic breathing, and heat of their body curled against you is more relaxing to me than any fancy spa massage or other body treatment could ever promise. The pups seem to agree whole heartedly with me. As you have already seen, the pups seem to have an endless combination of poses they assume when sleeping. Almost like an ever changing puzzle, they move and climb and nestle until comfy. Today with all the hours we spent around the whelping box there were some interesting combinations…

Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors530.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors531.jpgEmma__sLitterFirstVisitors515.jpg

Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors526.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors518.jpg

And so a day that began with me coming off a busy night of call, moved to the refreshingly crisp cold of a long walk with the big dogs, then to the pleasant company and conversation of an afternoon of golden people, ended with an uplanned little nap in the family room with Riley curled in my lap. This is certainly not Mayberry village, but still close to a perfect day in my own mind. Thanks Barb for taking the photo. Good night.