A Parade of Visitors

Today was a very fun day here in Dogville. Lots of neighbors, friends, and soon to be new golden owners came to visit. There was magic around the whelping box with warm smiles and peaceful vibes emanating from all who came and sat for awhile. Even better than quiet conversation at a coffee house, we heard stories of goldens past and present, all much loved and cared for. And every golden a true friend that gave back memories that far outweighed the forgetten monetary and messy house costs.

Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors301.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors302.jpg

Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors303.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors304.jpgEmma__sLitterFirstVisitors528.jpg

Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors305.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors406.jpgEmma__sLitterFirstVisitors407.jpg

Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors524.jpg Emma__sLitterFirstVisitors525.jpgEmma__sLitterFirstVisitors527.jpg