First Taste Of Food

Today was another first for the pups. Semisolid food out of two community dog dishes. The start was a little slow while the pups sniffed and tried a taste. Before too long though they were eating with gusto. And when stuffed, they did their usual group cuddle and probably had some very pleasant puppy dreams.

FirstTasteFood10.jpg FirstTasteFood1.jpgFirstTasteFood2.jpg

FirstTasteFood4.jpg FirstTasteFood5.jpgFirstTasteFood7.jpg

FirstTasteFood6.jpg FirstTasteFood8.jpgFirstTasteFood9.jpg

We also met more special golden people today who have reserved a pup. Several more families are coming this weekend. Will put everyone’s photo on line with the next post. I’m on call again this weekend so no more posts until Sunday.