Week Two of Life Ends

At last some signs of growth and change in the whelping box. All the pups have been gaining weight with the two largest boys now over two pounds each. Here is Mr. Red on the scale, who still looks like an out of shape guinea pig.

But today a number of the pups started opening their eyes more than a squint. At the same time they seemed to get more strength in their legs and began to lurch along with their bellies off the ground for the first time. If you enlarge the thumbnail photo of the group, by clicking on it, and look closely at Mr. Red, you can see that his ear canal is starting to open as well. Miss Yellow had her eyes open tonight and gives you a golden paw hello.


Barb and I are just starting to socialize the pups by holding them one a time and have them listen to our idle chatter about each of our day’s events. As you can see in the photo of them in the white box, they are starting to get longer and fill up most of the space now.


I will be on call tomorrow and so no further posts until the weekend. There should be some great changes to share by that time. All the pups now have deposits as of late this evening. We are excited about the folks and families committed to one of our dogs and look forward to meeting everyone we don’t yet know. Stay tuned.