Day 12 of Emma’s Litter

We trimmed the nails of all the pups last night. Let’s see, five claws on each of the front paws, and four claws on each of the back paws, times nine puppies. That’s a lot of nail trimmings! Their eyes are just starting to open a little now, but not enough to see yet.

Sometimes they all try to nurse at once, but yesterday we found them nursing in shifts. Five sleeping and four nursing. Soon after though they were all piled together. Emma doesn’t seem to mind either way.

And every so often a puppy manages to get a little personal cuddle with mom…


NEWS FLASH: Sydney Waller, our mentor, friend, and breeder of goldens for ? almost thirty years now, has generously volunteered to come down from her estate on Naragansett Bay to do the temperment testing at seven weeks of age. Thus no pups will be assigned until after she has done her evaluations. People choosing pups will then have more to go on than just the color of the dog’s coat and collar. I know it’s hard waiting to make your choice, but this is really in everyone’s best interest, including the puppies. That way everyone knows what personality pup they are choosing, and makes unhappy owners and puppies much less likely. We have never had a pup returned (so far), and that is because we are very careful with the matching process.