Emma’s Pups: 1st Week Ends

I am very happy to report that everyone is growing and thriving. Emma is a wonderful mom and spends almost all her time either nursing or watching over her brood.


At this point she meticulously takes care of all the pup’s hygiene and bathroom needs. Amazing to see if hard to understand, but boy does this give her bad breath! The pups are just starting to open their eyes a bit, but their ears are still closed. They squeak rather than bark when they lose touch with their mom, but they are starting to enjoy group naps after their bellies are full. You almost never find one sleeping alone. They are social animals from the start and always want to be in contact with another puppy or their mom.


Their weights range from 3/4 to 1 and 1/4 pounds. The three females are still the smallest of the group. They are about the size of guinea pigs now. Will send more photos when they start to show more movement and personality. At this time there are two males without deposits. If anyone knows of someone interested in a golden puppy. please have them contact us.