Everyone is Here Safe and Sound

Our household has a feeling of pride and thankfulness today, after a long night of worry and anticipation. Since Emma had only the one pup last time, it was anyone’s guess if carrying this many would present unusual problems for her. She did extremely well with no hiccups in her birthing adventure. The final count stands at nine total puppies with three being female and six being males.

Emmalabor99.jpg Emmalabor97.jpg

Three of our four children were still here for the holidays, and all kept vigil overnight. Brian, Lauren, and Kristen all helped with the process, and I was home as well so the timing couldn’t have been better. Like most human labors, deliveries seem to arrive more often in the wee hours. Notice the clock time in the whelping room. This photo was taken about half way through Emma’s labor.

Emmalabor96_1.jpg Emmalabor98.jpg

For the rest of the today we will reflect on just how amazing the miracle of new life is. And be thankful for the blessings that have been bestowed on our human and dog family this holiday week. Emma’s adventure started month’s ago with plans and hopes to correct her infertility situation. Those dreams have come to pass due to the amazing technology of veterinary medicine as well as the hard work of all involved.

For those family members and friends and clients waiting to hear from us about their place on our list and their dream of a golden puppy, we ask your patience. We are all sleep deprived here today, and we will contact everyone sometime this weekend. If anyone who has already contacted us is serious about a pup, filling out the puppy questionaire is the first step in the process. Please complete it if you haven’t already. These are our puppy children and we take the responsibility of finding great homes for them seriously.

Tonight we will visit Dr. Feldman to check out the puppies and Emma for any unexpected issues.