Emma’s Slowing Down

The anticipation is building here for Emma’s labor. Her due date is 12/28/06. This just adds another level of excitement to the preparations we are going through for the influx of family and friends due to arrive at the end of this week for the holidays. We are expecting family from Mexico and friends from England along with our local folks and friends. All our children will be home also. Should be quite a household gathering, and if Emma goes into labor early, everyone will get an extra special treat. Though I’m not sure Emma will appreciate delivering with an audience of twenty plus people. She is definitely looking like a wide body from the back.


Emma had her bath this week by us. The other dogs went to the kennel for their grooming, but we did not want to let her out of our sight. Plus we wanted avoid any possibility of her picking up some cough or illness that might have been around.

EmmasBath2.jpg EmmasBath3.jpg

She is moving a lot more slowly as you can imagine. She takes her time getting on and off the bed and waits for the light to go on before she jumps down. A very smart mom to be! She doesn’t try to keep up with the other dogs on our walks now and stays close to me more than ever.


In two days we have a visit to the vet for an XRay, so we can gauge more accurately the number of pups inside her. There are a good number of families waiting anxiously for their safe arrival. The countdown continues.