Emma’s Ultrasound

Two days ago Emma and I had an adventure that ended much differently than planned. She is getting very large with still two plus weeks to go, so I thought there has to be more than six puppies in there. I intended to go to my office and see for myself.

First though, I had to stop by The Delivery Room to pick up some new office keys from my partner working there. It was an unusually quiet day, and so all the nurses were gathered together talking. When they heard Emma was in the car, they insisted on having her come visit and do her ultrasound there. In the elevator I bumped into my very distant cousin, Dr. Michel Bourque, who is a pediatric surgeon (Our family lines split off in the 1600’s but that is another story). He just happened to be looking for a dog, and also happened to have his camera with him. So in we all went. Emma didn’t recognize any familiar smells and so was nervous. Lisa, a golden owner and friend, helped me hold her for the study. Here are the results.

EmmaUS4.jpgEmmaUS3.jpg EmmaUS1.jpgEmmaUS10.jpg

The ultrasound machine shows three circular areas representing puppies inside their amniotic sacs. The close up photo printed shows two. I would guess that she is carrying at least 8 to 10 pups. Now we just need a safe arrival.