Final Tribute to Abby


My family and neighborhood friends were well acquainted with our Abby. She was our first breeding female and a special friend to me. Because her three litters were our initial efforts at breeding, we had adventure after adventure that Barb and I still laugh about even now. When taking rides anywhere, she always pulled rank and rode shotgun in the front seat, never allowing any other dog to sit next to me. When we lost her to cancer, I felt I wanted to mark her passing by doing something special. The creation of this web site has allowed me to do just that.

Here are some of my favorite photos showing her calm nature and strong maternal instincts. She was also never too far away from a tennis ball and could play catch and fetch until she wore you out.

Celeste and Dana Rockel (my website gods) and I have put something together to add to Abby’s tribute.


Called Abby’s message, I hope to convey the essence of what loving and sharing your life with a golden retriever or any dog for that matter can mean.

When we travel to Vermont another of her pups rides shotgun with me now, while other of her pups climb the same hills and roads we once traveled. It is not quite the same as having her by my side but her spirit lives on in them and in me. Click this link to see: Abby’s Message

5 Comments on “Final Tribute to Abby”

  1. Donna Talbot Says:

    If you were trying to make me cry, it worked! Seriously though, what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful girl. I’m so fortunate to have a pup from her last litter. My Ella is an amazing girl just like her mom!

  2. Nancy Lewandowski Says:

    Best wishes for much success with the pups! And of course I cried all the way through Abby’s tribute. We lost Tucker, our first chow, five years ago also to cancer but not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. I love Hailei and Zaxby (our current chows) with all my heart but they will never take Tucker’s place. Tucker’s breeder encouraged me to listen to Garth Brooks’ song “The Dance” when I tearfully called to tell her that we put him down. The chorus of the song says it all…”I could have missed the pain, but I’da had to miss the dance.” My Abby and Tucker dance through eternity in our hearts.

  3. Elaine Morabito Says:

    Your tribute to Abbey is beautiful and brought me to tears. My first golden Taffy, was a love. We lost her to cancer at age 12. My second golden Teddy, the only pup in the litter, was alpha dog every day of his life, but a sweetheart nonetheless! He was healthy until the week he suddenly died of cancer at barely 9 years of age. The pain of losing our second golden to cancer was almost too much to bear and my husband said never again. But here we are, nearly three years later, and as time passes we miss our goldens and their unquestioning love and devotion all the more. Perhaps as Garth Brooks’ song suggests, it’s time for us to join in the dance once more…

  4. jennah condon Says:

    I’m sorry that Abbey died, she’s in a better place now.

  5. jennah condon Says:

    goldens are beautiful they are myne and yoused to be grandpas dog
    my grandpa died this month he is probably danceing around with abbey

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