Summer Swimming Flashback

I’m back from the Dominican Republic with a surgical team that spent eight days doing major surgery on the poor people of the Las Matas de Farfan region near Haiti. The many challenges were physical, emotional, and professional. We have so much and they have so little. Life and death visited us that week and showed me just how razor thin the difference is when you have absolutely no resources, education, or support staff. I hope to never complain again.

On a happier note, I was looking through some of the old photos and came across some pictures of my daughter introducing a litter of pups to the water. The pups really had a ball and with the cold weather coming, these photos might be a last attempt to enjoy the memories of summer.


As I continue with this blog, I have more and more a feeling that what I’m doing is like the old Seinfeld show: writing a lot about nothing. However by focusing on the simple things, life slows and you can savor the experiences that come your way.

Our Emma still gives me the same answering thump of her tail when I ask her if there are any pups inside. Her ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks.