Hi everyone! After months of hard work and creative thought, our web site is finally ready for inspection and perusal. Kudos to the very talented husband and wife team of Dana and Celeste Rockel! They have designed a beautiful site that showcases our dogs from young to old, and from season to season.

It also seems true that you can teach an old dog like me some new tricks. Dana has instructed me in the latest in “blogging”, which is a much more efficient way to send information and photos and updates. So if you sign on to our newsletter, you will get the latest goings on in our dog world here in Farmington.

Solo_and_Informal_Family_Photo_at_Eight_Weeks.jpgIt has been over a year since we lost Abby and prior to that Molly. Our present family is much younger and more rambunctious. Pulled up plants, chewed shoeware, and giant holes as big as the Boston dig have become commonplace. Here is our family as of last August, 2005: Lily, Emma, Riley, and Solo. Click on the photo to enlarge it. This is where we last ended our story about Solo’s birth and Abby’s passing.

In further updates, you will see how Riley and Solo have grown, and hear about Emma’s upcoming high tech fertility adventure. Riley and Solo will undergo their conformational tests this winter, and hopefully they will have their own litters this summer.

Thanks for visiting. Mike and Barbara