Abby’s Message

And alone now with only my thoughts, Abby, my dear old friend
Your ashes have taken lift for your spirit to soar not to end

But wait, from the rock my tear filled eyes spy movement below
And I see your legacy: two golden pups playing in the falling snow

They are looking for me to help them run, walk, play, or hide
You see they live in the moment and are happiest when by my side

So we will live in the moment as you taught us all three
And your memory will live on in your frolicking pups and me.

Live in the moment is what you taught me each and every day
Sniff, chew, bark and roll in whatever adventure comes your way

And now those two pups have spied me from their place down below
With tails raised high uphill they come despite the falling snow.

Eyes bright, their zest for life is full, living in the moment is all they know.
Together we will face the new road of adventure wherever it will go

Once you live in the moment all the colors of life are so clear
Live, love, learn, and laugh, a worthy legacy for none to fear

So goodbye my dear Abby a true friend to the end
I write your message in verse that all may learn this message you send

Again let’s all live in the moment is what Abby wanted to say
Live love learn laugh your way through each and every blessed day

And if you are fortunate to share your journey with a dog a best friend
Your journey will be paved with memories and adventures that time can not end.

Thank you Abby.
Written 7/28/2006 mrb.

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