Upcoming Litters

Until recently, we tried to have one or two litters annually. Please see the blog for the latest update. We usually have a waiting list for our animals. Most prospective clients are referred from someone we know or trust. We will not sell to anyone who does not pass our questionnaire and “sniff test”. We do temperament testing on each puppy before they are assigned to a buyer to be sure the fit is right. We stand behind all our animals and will take back any puppy that does not meet expectations.

Emma blessed us with a litter of ten healthy puppies August, 2008. Our Riley gave birth to six puppies in April, 2009. Unfortunately both Emma and Riley suffered serious complications after their deliveries that prevent them from having any more litters. At this time we do not know when our next litter will be occurring.  Our weekly blog will have up to date information about any future plans for breeding.